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With more than 20 years of experience in the consumer electronics.
Mega trade company has a human team with extensive experience in the market.
We offer distribution throughout Europe of the best brands
in the sector at the best price.

About us

We were born with the mission of offering the best brands, prices and the best service.

We are a distribution company for consumer electronics and smartphones throughout Europe. We were born with the mission of offering our customers the best brands, the best prices and the best service. We have more than 20 years of experience in the sector, which allows us to know the needs and expectations of our clients and offer them customized solutions. We work with trusted suppliers and guarantee the quality and speed of our deliveries. If you are looking for a trustworthy, professional and efficient distributor, we are your best option


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We are the best agency to improve your deals.

We are experts in the distribution of electronics and smartphones. We offer efficiency, flexibility and quality to our clients. Trust our experience and professionalism.


We have 10 years of experience in smartphones. We offer you the best products, prices and service. We adapt to your needs and guarantee your satisfaction.


We sell smartphones of all brands and models. We have expertise, efficiency and flexibility. We provide you with the best solutions for your needs.


We sell quality, reliable and innovative smartphones. We work with advanced technology and competitive prices. We are flexible and responsive to your demands.


Always at the forefront of best-selling technology products

Improve efficiency, provide a better customer experience with modern technology services available around the world. Our skilled staff, combined with decades of experience.

The Most Comfortable And Powerful Headphones On The Market.

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We Repair Your Smartphone

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In our company, we distribute a wide variety of electronics and smartphones products. Our clients trust us for our quality, price and service. These are the best-selling products in the last year
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Do you want to buy electronics and smartphones products at the best price? You just have to contact us and tell us what you need. We will find the best provider for you and we will offer you a budget without obligation. If you agree, we will close the order and send it to you in the shortest possible time. That easy and fast.
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    In our company, we are always attentive to the new trends in electronics and smartphones. We have a department specialized in searching for and analyzing the most innovative and demanded products on the market. Thus, we can offer our customers the latest in technology and quality. If you want to keep up to date with the most interesting news, consult our catalog or subscribe to our newsletter. You’ll be surprised.


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